Gain Insight and Skills to Support Clients in Surprisingly Effective Ways

As the business environment becomes increasingly relationship-centric, advisors and consultants must be able to appropriately interface with clients on a professional as well as personal level.  

Our training builds on the skills you’ve developed over your lifetime and helps you leverage them to support clients experiencing death, widowhood, divorce, a serious diagnosis, aging, empty nest, retirement, and all the other major transitions of life.

Live Teaching
We teach our  various classes to a wide array of corporations, conferences, associations, study groups, and private office engagements. We teach each module in one, two, and three-hour versions perfect for any keynote or breakout workshop slot. All are certified for CE credits through the CFP Board of Standards. These sessions receive rave reviews from clients such as LPL, Schwab, NAPFA, Advisor Group, FPA, Wells Fargo, Great West, London Life, and more.

We also combine these modules into in-depth training sessions ranging from a half-day to three days. These are perfect for a pre-conference workshop or any time you wish your advisors to acquire more in-depth knowledge. In these longer formats, we incorporate role-play, targeted written exercises, and group work that equip attendees to fully implement the lessons.
Our Class
Join us in Chicago for our oft-requested "intensive" class. You learn in-office skills no other company teaches quite like us, gain new insights into how to best work with your clients, and have fun meeting some very special professional colleagues.

Client Events
Individual advisors and firms look for unique topics when they host client seminars and appreciation events. What client doesn’t want to know how to help someone they love who is grieving? Who is unconcerned about dementia, including signs to look for and how to protect themselves ahead of time? These sessions are ideal for widening the invitation to clients’ families, friends, and associates, increasing the chance of referral business.

As always, we make things easy by providing professionally designed invitations customized with the firm’s logo, colors, and event details.
Promotional Materials
At no extra charge to firms that license our written or video materials, we provide a number of promotional pieces. These include video interviews with Amy, professionally designed ads, and written segments that pique interest and curiosity.
Contact Us
Let’s combine options to design a package that is just right for you. Reach us at 847.882.3491 or to talk through your specific needs and interests.
Our Book
Our guidebook is the definitive resource for professionals who work with clients in transition. It is packed with insightful knowledge and practical applications that have a profound impact on clients and professionals alike.


A “wow” alternative: Acquire the text as perfectly segmented stand-alone pdfs for electronic distribution behind a “members-only” section of your corporate website. This delivery option is available exclusively to corporate licensors.
Compassionate Communications

This sturdy twelve-page guide gives you just-in-time refreshers of artful and compassionate things to say (and not say) when clients navigate life transitions, loss, death, and grief. Keep it on your desk to help you serve people well and build relationships and loyalty during life’s toughest moments.

The document includes:

  • 32 Effective Questions to Ask During Life Transitions
  • 26 Compassionate Things to Say in a Client’s Toughest Times
  • Ways to Acknowledge the Mixed Experience of Positive Transitions
  • Phrases to Avoid When Offering Support or Comfort
  • 10-Step Protocol for Attending Services After a Death


For discounts on bulk orders of over 100 copies, contact us at 

Priority Actions after a Death Occurs

This four-page reference checklist gives the most important financial and non-financial things a person needs to need to do in the days and months after the death of a loved one.

 It is available in boxes of 25 copies and designed for firms to give individual copies to clients for the family’s use. It also functions as an easy tool for assessing ways the firm can most effectively help clients accomplish those tasks. Make a difference for your clients when they need it the most.

For discounts on bulk orders (minimum of 10 boxes of 25), and/or for information on branding the list with your company logo and information, contact us at








The Gravity of Good Business

The people that learn from us all have one thing in common—they know that the empathetic bond and rapport they establish with a grieving client is crucial to creating the trust and long term loyalty upon which good business is based. They know that there are helpful ways to support grieving clients and want to learn the art and science of grief support.

People everywhere are hungry for community, for understanding, and for stable and loyal relationships. We live in such a mobile, transient society. People gravitate toward anything, even service providers, that give them a sense of security, anything they believe they can trust, anything which can legitimately hold their loyalty.

It would be nice if they gravitated to you.