Navigating the Psychological Toll of COVID-19 and Other Life Crises

In this time of immense grief and emotional upheaval, we offer you our virtual event for advisors. Don't miss this essential skills-based session that gives you the tools you need to address the COVID-19 pandemic with your clients.


One advisor said this:

“Was it worth it? That is a very strong YES…This message is powerful and therapeutic no matter what each person is experiencing…Thank you for the opportunity – it helped me a lot.”


Here are the details: 

This is a private webinar taught by Amy Florian. The content focuses on understanding the emotional responses that you and your clients are experiencing during this crisis. Then based on that foundation, you gain practical tips and skills to allow you to effectively support your clients, your family members, and yourself through this time.


There are four parts to the webinar:

  1. Education on the numerous grief triggers involved, how they specifically come into play in this situation for you and your clients, and how to understand, name, and validate them.
  2. Practical skills for communicating with and supporting clients in these emotionally difficult times.
  3. Scientifically-verified strategies for how you can maintain your own emotional balance, cope with the uncertainty, and stay sane through it all.
  4. Inspiration on the present experience that promotes eventually moving into a different but potentially brighter future than the one left behind.


 The format:

  • Choose the time and date of your choice from the drop-down menu.
  • We host the event using our GoToMeeting platform.
  • Amy teaches 40 - 45 minutes of content.
  • There are 15 - 20 minutes of Q&A/Comments, allowing you to ask pertinent questions, share your own tips for coping, or give feedback on what you found most helpful.
  • Gain skills that set you apart from other advisors, especially in this crisis. Register now!