Wayne Pichon, a recently retired CFA with decades of experience, tells how Corgenius training gave him the insight and language to guide clients through whatever life throws them.

In sports, they call them “raving fans”---"enthusiasts'"---who attend games with their faces painted in team colors.

Although our supporters don’t paint their faces Corgenius red and blue (so far as we know), their endorsements remind us every day to listen to their needs and continue to serve as an insightful and practical resource for working with clients in transition.

The comments below are a fraction of the thousands of people who graciously give us permission to use their name and comments, and we are grateful for their support.

Tim Bogert
I recently attended the 2½-day Master Class with Amy and Ken. These days were packed full of relevant, actionable, and valuable information complete with workbooks and reference manuals. The class was a “deep dive” on WHAT to say and HOW to say it when people go through various “Life Transitions”. Within a week or two of attending the course, I met with two clients that are going through major life transitions. I was able to provide real value and comfort to these clients. Both commented on how beneficial this was.

Kelly Shikaney
Lakeside Wealth
Thank you for the Masters Program you did for us in Atlanta. I was very impressed with the content and your ability to handle the different personalities in the room. You are a woman with a lot of grace. I will use what you taught both in my personal and professional life. Thank you!

Edward Gjertsen
Certified Financial Planner
FPA National
Being that my practice has an emphasis on surviving spouses, I was very interested when the FPA of Illinois invited Amy to our Distinguished Speakers Series. Her presentation on the grief process was so powerful I retained her services as a consultant which has proven instrumental to my practice. Since death is an inevitable element in the financial planning process, your ability to retain surviving spouses and their heirs as clients will be solely dependent on your knowledge and understanding of Amy’s programs. This is a must have.

Stephen Foster
Investment Advisor Representative
Petra Benefits Financial Services
I attended a short session at my broker dealer's annual conference this year titled "Preparing to Meet Thy Boom." I actually did not read the session description and assumed it was on marketing to Baby Boomers. I was mistaken, and pleasantly surprised. What I happened upon was Amy Florian, her life's experiences, and how I could use those to become a very effective advisor to widows of baby boomers! I learned I must deal directly with death and the grief my widowed clients or potential clients are going through in a way that is honest and caring. I was able to apply the morning's lesson, that very afternoon. I received an e-mail from a client who's best friend and neighbor died the previous week. The client and I had been trying to get together and this event had put her in a tailspin so to speak. I was able to talk to her, let her share with me how wonderful her neighbor had been, cry on the phone (without fear), and then we set our appointment to meet when I got back into town.

Andrew Markham
Markham Financial Services
I can't thank you enough for what you, your class, and the materials have done for me personally and professionally. Your grace, honesty, and humor are all equally valuable traits that you exceptionally exhibit. I am forever in your debt.

Ron Ellis
Financial Advisor
Edward Jones
I wanted to follow-up on a talk you gave at our regional meeting for Edward Jones earlier this year in Mystic, CT. The discussion about how we talk with clients who are grieving, and help them deal with death (see, I said death, not "loss" or "passing") was fascinating, and unfortunately, timely. Over the past few months since your talk, and reading your book "No Longer Awkward", I've had several situations with friends and clients where the coaching and tips have really helped me provide better service, and comfort, to clients and friends who were dealing with the aftermath of a spouse or parent who died.

Sharon Egan
Chapter President
FPA of Illinois
Amy, We enjoyed your talk last week to the FPA of Illinois. As part of our "Distinguished Speaker Series" you surely proved yourself to be part of that group. You are a talented speaker! Your insights and practical "how to" tips really resonated with our members, and the inclusion of data about the importance of your topic was so good to help position it. Thanks so much! Regards,

Marla Mason
Senior Financial Consultant
Presidential Brokerage, Inc,
Excellent job of integrating facts and figures into the warm fuzzy topic of grieving clients. You get it! You understand grieving...but so do a lot of grief counselors etc. The difference is that you also understand the financial business and the relationship people have with their money. Thank you.

Jeff McGraw
Guidestream Financial
Presented excellent information that most, if not all, advisers have no idea how to incorporate into their practice. It is very timely for my practice. I've always felt awkward around grieving people but that is starting to change in good ways. Thank you.

James R. Keller
L.L.M., P.C.
James R. Keller
Amy, thank you for your presentation last week. I want to share something with you that occurred on my return to the office. I received a call while at Collegium for a "death bed" planning case. I was able to meet with the family and actually got the planning done prior to the husband's death yesterday at 8:00 p.m. In the course of dealing with the family during the "death watch" and in the hours that have passed since last night, I was able to incorporate some of your training into my usual discussions with remarkable results. While I have always honestly felt that I sincerely cared about the family, using your suggestions made all the difference in the world in terms of an ability to communicate that I DID care. Your approach helped me forge a lasting relationship.

Ken Fox, JD
Wealth Management Consultant
NW Mutual Financial Network
You conveyed difficult concepts and situations in a healthy manner. You provided a rational and concrete process to an emotional situation.