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On December 13, 2018
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Financial expertise alone is insufficient to gain and retain clients. Clients expect more. They want you to understand their personal experience, and be equipped to walk them through whatever life throws at them. Can you?  

Welcome to our new complimentary podcast series, Clients for Life.  Click here to listen to our inaugural interviews.  Each of these short interviews features an advisor who completed the Corgenius Master Class on guiding clients through the most difficult transitions of their lives. They describe the skills and best practices they implemented in their firms, both large and small, that are having the most impact on client satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals.  

Take a few minutes to listen and pick up some new ideas on how you, too, can more confidently serve clients through the toughest times of their lives.  The podcast series is also available here as an RSS Feed and on iTunes via the Podcast app (Search for "Clients for Life"). 

We’d love to hear what you think of our new series. Please email us with your comments and ideas.

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On December 4, 2018
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It’s almost time to send out holiday greetings to your clients. Yet what if your client’s family member died this year? If you send them a card wishing “Happy Holidays”, then at best you tell them you treat your clients generically, sending the same card regardless. At worst, it lets them know you don’t understand at all and, like the rest of society, expect them to paste on a smiley-face and “be happy for the sake of the season”. 

In either case, the card heads straight to the trash, never to be remembered. 

Instead, here are other possibilities.

Consider text like the following along with a gift card for a cup of coffee, a movie, a massage, or something else comforting: 

  • “Wishing you Happy Holidays at a time like this seems hollow. Instead, I wish you peace. I wish you healing. I wish you hope.” 
  • “During the holiday season, [name]’s absence is sure to be painful. It may be made even worse because most of the people around you will be afraid to say [his/her] name for fear of making you sad. I know I can’t make that void disappear, but I hope you can at least catch a moment of respite with the enclosed gift card. I am thinking of you, especially now.” 
  • “The holidays are sure to bring a mix of emotions as you remember the happy times with [name] and yet mourn [his/her] absence. I hope you can allow yourself to experience it in your own way, and emerge a little more whole and little less sad than before. I’m thinking of you.”
  • “During this holiday time, I wish you moments of lightness in the midst of the pain. I wish you companionship of beloved people in the midst of the loneliness. I wish you healing as you learn to survive these days. Most of all, I wish you peace.”
  • “You may find that few people understand what you experience during this holiday season. Try to be patient with yourself and others, as you find your way through the ups and downs it will surely bring. In the meantime, do what seems right to you and take care of yourself. Concentrate on what is most important, and know that I am here for you.”
These should give you some ideas to go on, so you can create personalized holiday cards that support your grieving clients in ways that others don’t. From what grieving people tell us, that is priceless.
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