Navigating the Psychological Toll of COVID-19 and Other Life Crises

In this time of immense grief and emotional upheaval, we can't come to your city to offer a live client event for you. As with everyone, our work has gone virtual, at least for the time being. Therefore, we offer to you our virtual client event addressing the current COVID-19 pandemic.

 Here are the details:

  • This is a private webinar taught by Amy Florian that you offer to your clients.  
  • The content focuses on the normal but often misunderstood emotional responses that are common during this global crisis, so clients and their families can understand their experience and effectively support each other through it.

Is it effective?
  • Absolutely, as proven by the immediate and enthusiastic responses that advisors receive from their clients afterwards. Here are just two examples, and you can contact us for many more:
    • “Thank you so much for hosting this event.  Amy's listing of all the grief triggers was eye opening and a huge validation for what we all are feeling. And all her suggestions for ways to deal with our emotional stress was most helpful."
    • “This presentation was excellent and very helpful! I appreciate the time and efforts spent setting this up for us!”

There are three parts to the webinar:
  1. After your intro, Amy teaches 45-minutes of content.
  2. Several scientifically-verified strategies for how to manage emotions, cope with the uncertainty, and stay sane through it all, both individually and as a family.
  3. Inspiration on finding balance, and eventually moving into a different but potentially brighter future than the one left behind.

The format:
  • You begin the call with whatever introductory remarks you wish to make.
  • After your intro, Amy teaches about  45 minutes of content.
  • There are 15 – 20 minutes of Q&A/Comments from attendees. (If no questions come in, we have a couple of "canned" questions that then lead to additional content delivery). 
  • You come back to wrap it up at the end and sign off, for a total time commitment of approximately an hour. 


  • We host the meeting using Zoom for up to 500 attendees. We deliver audio, video, and visuals via web, but it is possible to join with phone-only. 
  • You choose the time that works best for you, subject to Amy's availability, and invite or notify clients in line with your usual practice. We provide a publicity photo, bio, description of the session, and a mutually-agreed-upon title to aid in your marketing efforts. 

Contact us for pricing of:

  •  a live-only event,
  •  or a live with permission to record and publish for two weeks exclusively behind your office's password-protected client site

Take advantage of this exceptional event and schedule your client session today!