Amy Florian, CEO
Fellow in Thanatology

What do you get when you mix a compassionate heart with the brains of a scientist and the instructional finesse of your all-time favorite teacher? Why, an "Amy", of course!

As CEO of Corgenius, Amy Florian combines neuroscience, psychology, and thanatology to teach professionals to build strong relationships with clients through the losses and transitions of life. No stick in the mud, she sprinkles in the right amount of good-natured humor to ensure retention of what she teaches.

As professional services industries change from sales-centric to client-centric, and the population ages, Amy’s practical, insightful, and inspirational teaching is crucial in helping firms do the right thing for clients, retain business across generations, and attract new business from less educated competitors.

All work and no giving back make for a self-centered life. Thirty years ago she founded a widow’s support group called To Be Joyful Again. She is active to this very day as facilitator and mentor to those she taught to lead the group.

When she is not doing any of the above she bakes The World's Best Cinnamon Rolls, plays like a child with her grandchildren, does v-ups like a 16-year old gymnast, and is treasured friend to all who are lucky enough to cross her path.

Jess Chipkin, PR

Jess Chipkin supports Corgenius in its Marketing and Public Relations initiatives. A 25+ year marketing veteran, Jess has extensive experience in technology and professional services. 

Jess has worked in start-ups, middle market and major Fortune 500 companies. Over the years she has been involved in the launch of game changing technology products including the first Windows software products and wireless laptops. No matter where she works, her colleagues describe her the same way: Creative, resourceful, organized, business results-oriented, trustworthy, knowledgeable … and fun to work with. 

Jess is the Founder of Crate Free Illinois, an  Illinois-based 501(c)3 nonprofit working to connect consumers to local farmers who treat the environment and animals with respect. She is an ardent equestrian and the proud owner of a Lipizzan horse. She, herself, is owned by her parrot, Ezra.