When Clients Want More Than Your Financial Expertise 

03.27.20 09:01 PM By Amy

When Clients Want More Than Your Financial Expertise

In this day and age, financial expertise alone is insufficient to gain and retain clients. Clients expect more. They want you to understand their personal experience, and be equipped to walk them through whatever life throws at them.

Truth is, for most advisors it’s unchartered territory when tragedy, illness, death or difficult times touch a client. There are countless advisors who have the requisite financial expertise but there are far fewer who know how to implement it with the sensitivity required to meet the emotional needs of grieving clients.

Learn Tips to Wisely and Effectively Support Grieving Clients

… and this is exactly why we started our complimentary podcast series, Clients for Life. Each of these 10-minute interview podcasts features an advisor who has completed the Corgenius Master Class on guiding clients through difficult transitions. They describe the skills and best practices they are now implementing in their own firms, both large and small, that are having the most impact on client satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals. Things like

  • … Effective communications with clients going through death, dementia, retirement, and other major life transitions
  • How grief affects a client’s decision-making and behavior
  • Protocols for dementia and diminished capacity Handling a client’s terminal diagnosis
  • Best practices for elder fraud prevention
  • Condolence cards, calls and notes for the first year and beyond

Please take a few minutes from your busy day to listen to these interviews. Share it with a colleague. You’ll pick up a new ideas on how to more confidently support clients through difficult transitions. It benefits your clients and your business.